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Sr No Auction Onfloor Bidding Date City Catalogue View Realization Realization Doc
1Auction No. 118 April 2014MUMBAICatalogueView Realization
2Auction No. 208 November 2014MUMBAICatalogueView Realization
3Auction No. 317 April 2015MUMBAICatalogueView Realization
4Auction No. 412 June 2015RajkotCatalogueView Realization
5Auction No. 512 September 2015MUMBAICatalogueView Realization
6Auction No. 608 January 2016NashikCatalogueView Realization
7Auction No. 722 April 2016MUMBAICatalogueView Realization
8Auction No. 817 July 2016BangaloreCatalogueView Realization
9Auction No. 919 November 2016MUMBAICatalogueView Realization
10Auction No. 1020 November 2016MUMBAICatalogueView Realization
11Auction No. 1111 March 2017MUMBAICatalogueView Realization
12Auction No. 1223 April 2017MUMBAICatalogueView Realization
13Auction No. 1330 July 2017BangaloreCatalogueView Realization
14Auction No. 1405 November 2017MumbaiCatalogueView Realization
15Auction No. 1510 February 2018AhmedabadCatalogueView Realization
16Auction No. 1622 April 2018MumbaiCatalogueView Realization
17Auction No. 2210 October 2020MumbaiCatalogueView Realization
18Auction No. 2311 October 2020MUMBAICatalogueView Realization
19Auction No. 2418 October 2020MUMBAICatalogueView Realization
20Auction No. 2501 November 2020MumbaiCatalogueView Realization
21Auction No. 2601 November 2020MumbaiCatalogueView Realization
22Auction No. 2727 December 2020MumbaiCatalogueView Realization
23Auction No. 2828 February 2021MumbaiCatalogueView Realization
24Auction No. 2928 March 2021MumbaiCatalogueView Realization
25Auction No. 3013 June 2021MUMBAICatalogueView Realization
26Auction No. 3121 November 2021MumbaiCatalogueView Realization
27Auction No. 3209 January 2022MumbaiCatalogueView Realization
28Auction No. 3316 January 2022MumbaiCatalogueView Realization
29Auction No. 3406 March 2022MumbaiCatalogueView Realization
30Auction No. 3520 March 2022MumbaiCatalogueView Realization
31Auction No. 3608 May 2022MumbaiCatalogueView Realization
32Auction No. 3705 June 2022MumbaiCatalogueView Realization
33Auction No. 3812 June 2022MumbaiCatalogueView Realization
34Auction No. 3917 July 2022MumbaiCatalogueView Realization
35Auction No. 4016 October 2022MumbaiCatalogueView Realization
36Auction No. 4113 November 2022MumbaiCatalogueView Realization
37Auction No. 4221 January 2023MumbaiCatalogueView Realization
38Auction No. 4305 February 2023MumbaiCatalogueView Realization
39Auction No. 4426 March 2023MumbaiCatalogueView Realization
40Auction No. 4509 April 2023MumbaiCatalogueView Realization
41Auction No. 4611 June 2023MumbaiCatalogueView Realization
42Auction No. 4702 July 2023MumbaiCatalogueView Realization
43Auction No. 1707 October 2018ChennaiCatalogueView Realization
44Auction No. 1821 April 2019MumbaiCatalogueView Realization
45Auction No. 2021 December 2019KolkataCatalogueView Realization
46Auction No. 2111 January 2020NashikCatalogueView Realization
47Auction No. 1922 September 2019MUMBAICatalogueView Realization
48E-Auction No. 412 October 2019MUMBAICatalogueView Realization
49E-Auction No. 524 February 2020MUMBAICatalogueView Realization
50E-Auction No. 628 March 2020MUMBAICatalogueView Realization
51E-Auction No. 329 June 2019mumbaiCatalogueView Realization
52E-Auction No. 224 March 2019mumbaiCatalogueView Realization
53E-Auction No. 130 August 2018mumbaiCatalogueView Realization
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